Issue I



Didn’t think we’d make it, did ya? Well, here we are—two and a half months late. And what a journey it’s been! Dylan and I thought up Fish Barrel back in May after a guest speaker came to our high school and encouraged us to start our own lit journal because why the hell not? For a while it was nothing more than a whim, something we’d act on… eventually. It took a solid four months to actually get the ball rolling, another month to email market all the unattainable poetry stars and program directors we could think of, two months to work through submissions, and a month to figure out how in the world to set up a website (thanks WordPress!). But, fortunately, and at long last, we’re here. And we couldn’t be more honored to share with you the words so graciously shared with us. 

In true writerly fashion, we set out with no intention. We made our way as it came along. All we knew, and all we still know, is we wanted honest, empathetic work. We wanted work for lovers, losers, the downtrodden, the confident, the gregarious,  the reserved, and everything in between. In short, we wanted the world. And boy did we receive it. These submissions varied in form, length, intention, location, and occupation—from professors to classmates to nationally renowned poets; from Philadelphia to Oakland to Chicago to our own South Carolinian backyard—and we could not be prouder of the result. 

Moving forward we plan on doubling down, on continuing the hunt for the world’s weirdos. We plan on continuing with compassion. Most importantly, we plan on continuing with you, our readers. We thank you for your time, your patience, and your support. Also, we’d like to thank Sophie Young, Alyssa Wilson, Camryn Hambrick, and Madyson Grant for being with us every step of the way and diligently stepping up as readers when our squabbles could not reach an agreeable end. Love y’all <3. 

Peace! Prosperity! Read on!


The Editors

P.S. If there are any web designers out there, hit us up!!!! We are desperately in need of your talents!!

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