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Hypnopompic: Proceeding Consciousness My 6o-year-old dad lives with his parents next door to the home he raised me in. The tiny South Texas cottage he painted pink, thinking he chose beige. The one with uneven cuts of vinyl flooring he installed himself, the one my mom sold after their divorce to help pay their shared […]


Yin Yang Pond My aunt once knew all the Latin names for flowers Rosa Rugosa, Helleborus, Alchemilla. Built a garden out of love with a Yin Yang pond till she overfed the fish and they floated. First the nouns went became that thing, this thing laughed it off as old age. As the walls came […]


Crowning Shyla picked up yet another dirty pair of underwear from the floor, taking care not to wake the sleeping child nearby. Never had she thought she would become that parent. But Rodney’s room had become so messy that an odor was starting to settle in. Ashley would be back home early the next morning […]

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