Issue 5 Visual Art


Woven Rocks

My work focuses on the relationship between learning, scientific exploration, love, and understanding. Through my work, I aim to explore histories of storytelling, art, and science as the means by which we understand the natural world. This piece is based on the decimation of eels in the Shannon river basin and how their loss will impact our understanding and relationship with nature. As someone who grew up within a stone’s throw of the river, these creatures are as much a part of my life as the air itself. In the face of collective mourning of culture and people at the death of a species that has preceded them and shaped our world, does our curiosity and love of the world continue to hold meaning? ‘Woven Rocks’ is part of a series of handwoven wool pieces. These pieces map sedimentary changes, water levels, and eel migration patterns in the Shannon river in recent years. Drawing on images of eels through their life cycle, our attempts to map out and understand their behavior and the ecosystem of the rivers they inhabit.

Ellen Harrold


Ellen Harrold is an artist focused on the human connection to science and nature. She is currently completing a masters degree in Art, Science, and Visual thinking at Dundee University and has recieved a bachelors degree in Fine Art from IADT in Dublin. A core aspect of her practice is the use of painting, drawing, text, and textiles to explore the connection between conscious mind and our understanding of the world around us. At the moment she is focused on how scientific understanding was, and continues to be understood through the lens of art and storytelling. She has taken part in IADT student shows such as New Translations in IMMA (2019), On Show in IADT (2022) and Propositions in IADT (2022).

You can tip Ellen on PayPal: @elliebelle2015

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